Personal development is about improving as an individual. To truly change, grow, and improve, you need to commit. You need to be committed to improving yourself and being the best version of you! Below we have listed 15 personal development tips that we think are crucial to your success for change.

Each personal development tip contains a challenge that you can use to take it a step further and commit to adding it into your life. If you want to see real improvement in your life, we highly recommend you choose at least 2-3 challenges and stick to them for the recommended duration. The more challenges you take on, the better, and faster, the improvement!

One thing that we find vitality important is you need to believe you can change for the better. You need to believe you can grow as an individual and achieve anything you set your mind on. These personal development tips are created to help you on your path of personal development.


Personal Development Tips


1. Read Books

It is vital for your development that you are regularly reading books. Not only is it good training for your brain but it also helps you develop different thought patterns and new ways of looking at life. For personal development, we recommend books that contribute to improving your quality of life. We have created a great list here. Books are great and its first in our personal development tips for a reason! Every great leader was a reader, keep this in mind.


Read a single chapter a day to help you improve and grow as an individual. If you have a hard time reading a chapter because you think it’s too long, start by reading five paragraphs. Then, gradually move up to 1 chapter a day. Do this for at least 30 days.


2. Listen to Audio

Audio is another great way to consume information to start transforming your life. You can listen to audiobooks, podcasts, or other forms of audio content that are targeted to personal development. Most of the listed books, here, may be found in audio format.


Listen to audio on personal improvement daily. You can do this on your commute to work, from work to home, at home, while working out, or in any environment where listening to audio is well suited. Do this for at least 30 days.


3. Write Down Your Goals

If you haven’t yet done this, then do this now. Grab a pen and paper, preferably a note pad, and write down your goals you would like to achieve. Don’t worry about a timeline. Your goals should be something in the distance and not a to-do list. Don’t use a computer or digital device for this, write it down, so it sinks in, and think about what you truly want. Goals are an important step in personal development.

One thing to note, goals are crucial to your success in whatever you are trying to accomplish. Anything that is important should be done regularly. Your goals should be written out regularly.


Write down your goals every day for 3 weeks (21 days). This is important because it has you regularly thinking about the goals you are aiming to achieve. Keeping your goals on your mind regularly ensures you make decisions that are aimed at achieving those goals.


4. Create a Dream Journal

A dream journal is a notepad that contains everything you want to achieve and have in your life. Make it a habit to write down what you want to have in life regularly. This practice keeps your mind focused on the things you want as opposed to the things you don’t want.


For 2 weeks (14 days) write down everything you want to achieve, things you would like to own, places you would like to visit, people you would like to meet, and so on. It doesn’t have to be a huge list every day, anywhere from 1-5 items a day is enough. Again, this gets you focused on what you truly want in life. This goes well with writing your goals out.


5. Have Gratitude For What You Have and Who You Are Now

You need to be grateful for what you have today to have a better tomorrow. If you are in a situation where it seems impossible to be grateful, still give it a chance. You can find things to be grateful for just about anywhere, even the really small things matter. Practice this daily and watch how you start transforming your negative thought patterns.


For 30 days, practice gratitude daily. You can do it early in the morning, as soon as you wake up, or before bed. Either write it down, speak it out loud or think to yourself. If you decide to do it in the morning, say 3 things you are grateful for, it can be anything. If you do it before bed, think of the best moment you had that day and be grateful for that.


6. Focus on Positivity For the Next 30 Days

Being positive is one of the most important personal development tips that is required for big change. To truly cause any self-improvement, it starts at being more positive and thinking more positive. This is crucial and highly recommended if you want to truly change and develop yourself to be the best version of you.

There is no challenge for this as we think it is a must. Start being positive now and hold to it for a minimum of 30 days to embed it into your system.


7. Be Happier

Happiness is key to a great life. You can have all the money in the world, a great relationship, and an amazing family, but if that doesn’t lead to your happiness, then you will be miserable and feel like something is missing.

Achieving happiness is what most people truly desire. A lot of the times you may think some material object will give you happiness but once you have it, in most cases, it won’t.

Make it your goal to be happy, look at the brighter side of things and focus on the positive. This goes hand in hand with being positive!


For 30 days, be happier about who you are, your surroundings, the people around you, and the direction you are heading in. Be kinder to others and be happier throughout the day.


8. Don’t React

A common thing amongst people today is reacting. Reacting, usually in a negative way, to an event or an issue that has come up. Practice being calmer and really thinking about the event or situation before doing or saying something. Sometimes, our reaction to certain things is out of anger and anger doesn’t allow us to think straight.


For 30 days, try to be more consciously aware of your reactions to certain things and correct it. Start creating a habit of being calmer and being more reasonable in situations that are not in your favor. This can really make a difference in your life.


9. Understand What You Want

Knowing what you want is vital for growth. You need to know what you want, where you want to be, who you want to be with, where you want to live, the kind of people you want in your life, how you want to live day to day, and so forth.

This should be very clear to you; you should be able to imagine yourself living that certain life, being with those people, and doing those particular things.


Take out a piece of paper, or notepad, and a pen and start writing done everything and anything that comes to your mind regarding what you want for your life. List out as many things as possible. Once you are finished, put it somewhere that you can refer to daily, so you are regularly reminded. If needed, you can add more items to the list later on if you think of more things that you want or would like to achieve.


10. Challenge Yourself

Without challenge, there is no growth. If you are always doing the things that are most comfortable for you, you can never go beyond who you are today. By challenging yourself, you are growing as an individual, attaining/learning new skills, and/or developing new habits. Challenging activities that put you to the test are crucial for your growth. Make this a lifetime habit!

This is why after all the personal development tips, we have added a challenge that you can partake to develop those habits.


Pick at least 3 challenges from this list and start them right away. Today is ideal but no later than tomorrow!


11. Keep Learning

For personal development, you need to be learning new things. You need to see what others are doing, who are where you want to be. Learning is crucial for your growth. Make learning a habit. This goes hand in hand with reading and audio! Use books, audiobooks, and podcasts as learning tools. Take a course that will teach you something that you have always wanted to learn or are very interested in. The best investment you will ever make is in yourself!


Choose a skill that you want to improve on or learn more about. Watch some youtube videos, articles, books, or podcasts on it and start learning! If you want, purchase a course if you are dedicated. Learning new skills is amazing for brain development and can potentially open you up to new opportunities you may have never been aware of.


12. Take Action

Whatever it is you are trying to improve on, you need to take action on it now. Don’t wait for the perfect time. There will never be a more perfect time than today. Today is always the best day to start anything so take action now! Learn to walk the talk. Don’t just talk about doing something, go out there and get it done.


Take action now towards personal development. You can do this by starting one of the challenges here, reading a book, finding a podcast to listen to, start learning a new skill, watch personal improvement videos on youtube, watch motivational videos, or just about anything to put you in motion.


13. Try Something New

Sometimes you don’t know what you want until you have tried it. Most people are uncomfortable with trying anything new and miss out on things they might enjoy or opportunities they could have had. Trying new things may open you up to things you may not have been aware of. Don’t be afraid of doing something outside of your comfort zone.


Do something you have never done before, step outside your comfort zone. This can be anything you want as long as it is something you have never done. It is not limited to activities. This can also be a learning a new skill, a new exercise, going for a walk in a different environment. It can be just about anything as long as there is something new about it!


14. Motivate Yourself

Motivation is so important to get you taking action on your goals, especially when you are feeling down and can’t seem to snap out of it. Motivation is powerful, and you should leverage it to keep moving forward. We wrote an article on it. Check it out if you want to find out how you can motivate yourself.

There is no particular challenge for this personal development tip. You will find you need this most when you are feeling down, feeling lost, overwhelmed, or uncertain if the direction you are in is good enough.


15. Surround Yourself With Like-minded People

You should surround yourself with people who are working towards similar goals as you, who are passionate about the same things you are, and people who have already achieved things you are trying to achieve.

You can find Facebook groups, Google+ Communities, forums, Reddit, and other online communities.


Join 2 or 3 like-minded communities either on Facebook, Google+, or Reddit and start being an active member in it. Seek help while also helping others. You will find this a very uplifting activity.


That’s our 15 personal development tips, we hope you enjoyed them and have a good starting point to make change in your life.

Please feel free to comment below on what you think is the most important personal development tip and if you there are other tips that need to be listed here!


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