Out of the many traits necessary for success in life, there is one that truly stands above the rest. This particular key to success is necessary and to put it bluntly, failure is guaranteed without it; the type of failure that leads nowhere. This key to success is quite simple but may be one of the most challenging to hold true in the early stages of growth. But, if you master it, success is guaranteed! The key applies to any area of your life; health, fitness, career, business, relationships, etc.


The Most Important Key to Success

We will first point out that there is no one key to success, success is a combination of traits that build a strong foundation to overcome the inherent challenges of achieving anything in life. We have deemed this key to success as the most significant due to an inability to do anything without it.

Believing in yourself is the most important key to success!

Why is it so important? Well, there are many reasons why believing in yourself is crucial to your success. Consider how well you would perform a task if you didn’t believe you could complete it. First, your approach to the task would be barely an attempt. Your confidence would be non-existent, you would lack motivation, your focus – wait, what focus? -, and so on. Naturally, our beliefs of what we can and cannot do drive our actions. If you don’t believe you can then you, naturally, won’t do it and if you did, the results would be mediocre at best.


What Does It Mean to Believe in Yourself?

Self-belief is a powerful tool you can leverage to accomplish all your goals. Believing you can complete your tasks sets you on the right path, removes doubt, helps control negative thinking, keeps your mind open to more opportunities, and helps keep you focused towards the result. Any set back will be seen as lessons learned and failures. When you’re hit with a challenging task, your faith in your ability to complete the task will determine your results. If you believe in your ability to complete the task, then you will take massive action towards getting it done.

Believing in yourself means removing doubt and an “I can’t” attitude, not being afraid of new opportunities or trying new things, eliminating negative thoughts and focusing on positive outcomes, and, amongst other things, knowing there is nothing you can’t accomplish once you set your mind to it.


Methods to Grow Your Self-Belief System or the I Can Attitude


Positive Thinking

Focus on being more positive, thinking more positive, and looking at outcomes positively. Positive thinking is an excellent method for increasing your self-belief. Naturally, if you’re thinking positively, then you must believe you can accomplish whatever it is you’re attempting!

Practice looking at the positive side of things, when you ask yourself certain questions focus on the positive outcomes or answers to those questions. When considering individual goals, think of the positive potential from the results of achieving those goals. Get into a habit of thinking of the positive possibilities.

Get Motivated

Motivation can turn you from a non-believer to a full force of action ready to tackle any challenge. Find motivation and inspiration from others, whether that person has accomplished what you are trying to achieve or just a great motivator. We published a post on how to motivate yourself, check it out to get some tips on how to stay motivated!

Keep Learning

Learn, learn, and more learning. Leverage learning to understand how to get to where you want to be. Knowledge puts you in a position of knowing the steps and the skills necessary to see your goals to the end. Learn from other’s mistakes, their accomplishments, and their processes. Develop a habit of consistent learning and don’t be afraid to try something new, even if it fails, it teaches you valuable lessons!


How Does This Key to Success Produce the Best Results in the Shortest Time?

To answer this question, we will put it into perspective so you can see how self-belief has an impact on how you behave.

Scenario #1 – Losing Weight – “I Can’t”

Your goal is to lose weight, let’s say 20 pounds (If this is one of your goals, check out our post on the keto diet). You seek advice online and from family and friends. Some of the advice given is you need to exercise, cut out certain foods, cut calories, be more active, cut out certain drinks, drink tons of water, etc. For the non-believer or the “I can’t” attitude, most of the answers to this advice would be “I can’t do that” or “that’s really difficult, I am not sure I would last” or “Losing weight is tough, maybe I’ll give it a shot when I’m ready”. These are all answers from lack of self-belief.

You don’t fully believe in yourself, but you decide to try! You go to the gym to jump on the treadmill, after debating for half an hour of whether you should go. You are at the gym, ready to get on the treadmill, head to the cardio section and then intimidation kicks in. Your uncertainty gets the best of you, and your doubt continues further, especially if you have never used a treadmill before. But you push forward and get on, maybe you ask for some help on how to start it up. You start on a slow, walking, cycle and slowly introduce a fast pace. As soon as you start feeling tired or sweaty, you stop or slow down and get back into a comfortable pace. You wrap up and head home with good odds that you may not come back.

A ton of time can be wasted when you’re uncertain of your ability to tackle a goal, not only time but results may be hindered as well since you won’t go full force.

Scenario #2 – Losing Weight – “I Can”

You’ve set yourself up to lose 20 pounds, you’ve done all the necessary research and got advice from others. You fully believe you can pull it off and you are ready to get started. It’s cardio day, and you head to the gym ready to burn some fat. You feel good about yourself, and you have total belief that you can get it done. You don’t waste any time debating whether you should go to the gym or not.

You arrive, you get changed, and you head to the cardio section. You jump on the treadmill and if it’s your first time you may ask for help. You start at a slow pace, walking, and slowly increase it. It starts getting harder, but you keep pushing yourself. You’re sweating, and you feel good about it, you can feel the pounds shedding off so you push harder. You finish your cardio, you head home, and you feel great. Odds are, you’ll be back in full force.

In this scenario, time loss was kept to a minimal, and you pushed yourself harder which means your results were a lot better.


These scenarios can apply to any activity or any of your goals; weight loss was just a scenario for demonstration. Of course, the situations are hypothetical but it portrays how believing in yourself can produce better results in a short time frame.

Today, this very moment, begin to believe in yourself. Believe that you can achieve whatever it is you want and start strengthening your self-belief system or your “I can” attitude, it’s the most important key to success!


Let us know what you think of this post and whether or not you believe self-belief is the most important key to success.

Thanks for reading!

The Most Important Key to Success That Produces the Best Results in the Shortest Time
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