Sometimes being productive can be challenging, especially when some of your to-do items are a bit more difficult. It is normal for you to procrastinate and push things off to tomorrow. As normal as it may be, it’s not the greatest feeling, nor does it lead to significant results. Taking action is necessary to achieve whatever it is you’re after so being productive is crucial to your success. A great method to help you take more action is to learn how to motivate yourself.

We have listed ten ways on how to motivate yourself. Use anyone of these methods to help you be more productive and take action towards your goals.


Why Motivation is Important

Without proper motivation, it becomes increasingly difficult to get started on any task or goal you have set forth. Laziness and procrastination quickly kick in, making it very tempting not to do anything. Motivation can spark action and get you working. Proper motivation should inspire thought and action should drive you to stay focused, and bring out the best in you.

Whether it’s a motivational story, inspiring quotes, motivational goals, an accomplishment, or some reward, leverage what you can to stay motivated to tackle your tasks.


How to Motivate Yourself:

1. Write Down Your Goals

Decide what you want to accomplish, set some goals, and write them down. Writing your goals is an excellent method to motivate yourself. Get into the habit of writing down your goals daily; it’s a great exercise and a great reminder of what you are trying to achieve. Don’t just write your goals down once, be consistent with writing them down every day or every week, at the very least. When we say goals, we don’t mean a to-do list, that is something entirely different. Your goals should be something that is currently outside of your reach.


2. Create a To-Do List

To-do lists help you stay focused and reduce the overwhelming feeling you may have when there is a lot to accomplish. Creating a to-do list is a great way to keep you motivated and taking action towards your goals. A good method is to build a list of things that need to get done the night before. At the end of the day, review what has been accomplished and then revise it for the next day. Creating a to-do list is an excellent habit, keeps you focused and motivated.


3. Get One Thing Done

It is very common to read about completing your most challenging tasks first, and we find it to be excellent advice. But sometimes, the idea of tackling a difficult task is daunting and, in some cases, can be discouraging. One way to boost your motivation is by completing something on your list of things to do. Completing one item can give yourself a boost and a sense of accomplishment which can drive you to continue working. If you are feeling discouraged to tackle the more challenging tasks, try tackling an easier item on your list.

We encourage working on the most difficult items first but when you are having a hard time getting started, give this method a try and see how it works for you!


4. Read Inspirational Quotes

Reading inspiring quotes or words of wisdom is an excellent way to boost your motivation! Make it a habit of regularly reading inspiring words to keep you motivated and focused. Inspiration quotes are particularly powerful when you’re feeling down, lost, or unsure if you’re heading in the right direction.

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5. Focus on Positivity

Be positive. Concentrate on the things that can go right and reduce the amount of time you focus on what can go wrong. It’s good to analyze your options and understand different scenarios but if you’re constantly looking at the negative side of things, how will you ever get started? And, to that point, why would you get started? Being positive and focusing on the positive outcomes is very motivational and has you taking action quicker! Practice positive thinking and use it as a tool to make you more productive. Use it to motivate yourself to tackle your tasks by looking at the positive outcomes that completing the tasks will bring.


6. See Failure as a Necessity to Move Forward

Failing isn’t defeat, and it isn’t a real failure unless you quit. Failure is a lesson learned, a stepping stone, and a requirement for success. Every time you encounter a failure, figure out why you failed, learn from it, ensure the same issue is not introduced in the next iteration, rinse and repeat the process! The process is what leads to success. Once you have this understanding of the importance of failing, you won’t be discouraged by any failures encountered; you will be encouraged by them and use the lessons learned to improve yourself and your methods. Seeing failures as necessities is very motivational as you won’t be fearful of failing.


7. Use Affirmations to Boost Your Morale

Affirmations are very powerful tools to motivate yourself. Affirming to yourself that you can accomplish your tasks, that you are successful, and so forth, are very inspiring and release deep emotions of self-worth and self-awareness. Use affirmations to help you stay motivated and take action. Try using them daily, create a routine for yourself that includes daily affirmations and watch how it transforms the way you think and feel!


8. Challenge Yourself

Challenging yourself can be very motivational and inspire action to complete the challenge. Use challenges as a tool to put you into action. Create challenges by setting tighter deadlines, harder tasks, attempting something new, or anything creative that you would consider outside normal.


9. Visualize Yourself Attaining Your Goals

Visualization can be very powerful. Use visualization to picture yourself already having those things that you work so hard towards. It can be money, a successful business, a great relationship, your dream body, your dream home, dream car, or whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Feel how you would feel if you had already achieved it. You will find yourself motivated to keep pushing forward. Visualization is an excellent technique for motivation!


10. Reward Yourself

What better way to stay motivated than by rewarding yourself for your accomplishments! You can setup a system where you reward yourself after every task you complete, how you reward yourself is up to you! Giving yourself a reward is a great way to keep you motivated.


These are our ten methods of how to motivate yourself when motivation is needed to take action. It ‘s okay to feel discouraged at times so don’t beat yourself up for it! When you are feeling discouraged, try some of the methods we have listed here and use the ones that work for you. Motivation is necessary, and if you can stay motivated, there is no reason why you won’t take action. Use motivation as your fuel!

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Hopefully, this article has instilled some insight on how to motivate yourself to take action! Please let us know what you think and share some of your thoughts on this topic. Let us know what motivates you and some of the tools you use to stay on track!


Thanks for reading!

10 Ways on How to Motivate Yourself to Take Action and Be More Productive
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